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22 June 2008 – Sunday – 6:30 AM
, Hampshire, UK.

Having explored the Bus and Train Stations the previous day, started early this morning, to reach the Bus Station at 6:45AM. The next bus to Winchester was only after 90min. Walked down to Railway Station, only to find that Trains were canceled that morning; Grrrrrrrr…………Luckily a Bus alternatively departed at 7:46AM.

At 8:15AM, I were already at Winchester. The streets were empty and deserted. Walked down the road past across Theatre Royal, The Public Library, St Peter’s Church, Barclays, Lloyds TSB and landed at the Butter Cross.

Butter Cross
- Dating back to 15th century and built with a tax levied on people caught eating butter during Lent.

Cathedral & Museum - An interesting fact is that the Cathedral was built on rafts floating on marsh. It is this Cathedral that famous English novelist Jane Austen lay buried. A place of worship for over 900 years. Remarkable architecture……….

Diver - For 800yrs the raft was able to carry the weight but, by 19th century the Cathedral was in danger and the foundations were rebuilt by a diver working under water.

Walked around the cathedral and past the Bishop’s house, which had a beautiful archway.

- One of England’s old public school dates back to 1382!

- Once the chief residence of the Bishops of Winchester.

River Itchen & Water Meadows

The oldest house of Winchester

Mill, Bridge Street

This Mill is housed on River Itchen, and owned by National Trust. This old Corn Mill, has been restored to working order.

On entering the lady at the mill asked, “From which country are you from?”

To which, I replied, “India”.

Lady at the Mill – “I am sure you would have much better things back home, and this is no fantasy. If you still want to, the entrance fee is 4 Pounds. If you come between 2:30 and 3:30, you get to grind Corn yourself”.

Hehehehe…….. I needn’t go all the way to UK, to pay 4 GBP and grind CORN!!

But, I admire her candidness.

Bronze statue of King Alfred the Great
- He who laid the foundation for a single kingdom of England. Scholar, Soldier, Statesman King Alfred restored Winchester after the Dark ages and made the city his capital.

Abbey park - Lunch break here.

Guild Hall - An imposing Gothic building. The Victorian Guildhall is now a civic and conference center.

Cathedral and Museum again - The Museum would open only at 10AM, so had missed this in the morning. After a visit to the Museum, the Cathedral did re invite.

High Street and Butter Cross on a Sunday noon
Couldn't believe this was the same place I had walked down this morning. Full of activity…..
Shops are open, look interesting. So, its shopping time… J

West Gate - One of the surviving medieval gateways. Entrance to Great Hall and Round Table form here.

Winchester’s Great Hall & King Arthur’s Round Table

The only surviving part of the Winchester Castle is the Great Hall built in 13th century by Henry III. The stainless steel gates were designed and made by Anthony Robinson as a gift from the people of Hampshire to commemorate the marriage of Prince and Princess of Wales.

Queen Eleanor’s Garden - Named after, Eleanor the Queen of England(wife of HenryIII); A 13th century styled garden.

The bronze statue of Queen Victoria - Presented in 1887 to mark the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

The Round Table associated with King Arthur, has been hung here for over 700 years.

Back to Winchester Railway Station at 4PM. By now the Trains were functional. Head back to Eastleigh

A walking tour to remember.

The complete album can be found here.


Srik said...

Nice perspectives seen with your camera being rotated in all weird angles.
Hope the D60 doesn't have a sprained neck ;)

Anonymous said...

Sooo many images. Nice seeing them. Specially liked the images of river Itchen, the Cathedral, the castle and the busy market place.

Instead of taking the image of the cathedral in wide, you could have additionally tried panoramic frames. This would have avoided distortion caused at 18mm.

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