Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The summer of 2011

        The much awaited Summer is finally here. But, the transition wasn't smooth. 20 days of un-stoppable rain and all the action and reaction towards the Tsunami waves and radio-active particles that traveled all the way from Japan to reach the West coast of US. Someone rightly said, "Americans over-react, because they can afford to do so".

The onset of Summer, and we had all these guests visiting us.

Mallard in the backyard

Canada Goose

Cherry Blossom in full bloom

Plenty of activity

The Humming Bird which decided to nest in the Cherry Blossom tree.

The little ones finally arrived. I did some reading and learn t that, it would be at least mid March when the chicks are introduced to water. I kept waiting patiently. And finally on a beautiful Sunday morning, I saw the Female Mallard coming out of their hideout, and helping each chick hop into water. And thus the first swimming lesson.

While the Mallard chicks were tiny and dark, while the Canadian Geese duckling were wooly.

Canadian Goslings - The most adorable ones.

Truly a summer to remember ...........

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