Friday, August 22, 2008

London - Day3 - I

I was at the Hotel lobby by 6. The Hotel staff finished the check-out procedure in the next 8 minutes. Deposited the luggage in store and was at the Westminster Cathedral at quarter-past-six.

Westminster Cathedral - Westminster Cathedral is the mother church of the Roman Catholic in England.

Walked down the Victoria Street towards Westminster Abbey. The road was clear. I hadn’t witnessed such empty road in London then (Mayfair being an exception).

Westminster Abbey – The admission was free for two reasons. It was Sunday Morning and I was the second visitor that morning. This Gothic church is the traditional place of coronation and burial site.

The Methodist Central Hall – I loved the exuberance and bulkiness in the architectural design of this hall.

The House of Parliament, Jewel Tower

Bits as old as 1066, bits which survived the fire of 1834. Architecture by Barry, decorative bits by Pugin - the greatest of the Victorian ornamentalist - who even designed the inkwells on the politicians' desks.

Detailed visitor information here.

More here .

The road was narrow and could not find a nice position to get a good coverage. I walked down the North Bank (Millbank).

The South Bank images are popularly common. But, I loved this from the Millbank.

I had enough plans to last in London for another 6 days, but, I just had one day in hand, and it had to be the ‘Bridges of London walk’. Thus I would be taking home a satisfied soul.

All three days while at London the distance was calculated relative to the River Thames. Thames which flows through the heart of London has over a dozen bridges over it. And non to mention London is famous for Bridges.

My Bridge count starts here.

1] Lambeth Bridge -

The water level was low and I was eager to spot the Tate Britain.

Tate Britain -

This is a new space carved out of the old Tate Gallery (once the site of a model prison) at Millbank, on the north, overlooking the HQ of Britain's Intelligence Services next to Vauxhall Bridge. It said not to have been impressive when it was first inaugurated, but, then its been retrenched, re-ordered and re-hung and is now second to the National Gallery.

It’s a beautiful building with a classical portico.

2] Vauxhall Bridge A Steel arched bridge for road and foot traffic.

I walked back along the Millbank; stop by at the Millennium Pier.

I crossed the Lambeth Bridge, to reach the South Bank.

Unlike the North Bank the South Bank is continuous with a well laid walking track. I spotted the first sign to be cautious with belongings when walking alone. And this made me uncomfortable for a few seconds, but nonetheless the spirits soared soon.

The Café here was a popular spot with young and old joggers. But, I did not have plans to stop.

South Bank walk - I just loved this.

Lambeth Palace – This was home to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Jewel tower and Big Ben from the South Bank. The Abbey’s spire is visible at the far end.

3] Westminster Bridge -

County Hall – The site of great London council, before its abolition. It now houses an amusement arcade and London Aquarium. Out this a series of Dali sculptures advertising the Dali Gallery.

London Eye – World’s third largest observation wheel on the South Bank. After Big Ben this is been very popular with tourist. Its always flocked with tourists. Long queues, people making Telephone and online bookings are a common sight here. For me it was just another Giant-wheel in the fair.

4] Hungerford Bridge/Golden Jubilee Bridge – This is a steel truss Railway Bridge.

Walked down towards Waterloo.

Maintaining the South Bank's reputation for entertainment, it comprises a cluster of buildings that's home to the National Theater (Oliver, Cottesloe and Lyttleton theaters), National Film Theater, Museum of the Moving Image (closed for refurbishment), Imax cinema, the Royal Festival Hall (Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room) and the Hayward Gallery.

Queen Elizabeth Hall Purcell Room -

Graffiti on walls

National Film Theatre -

Hayward Gallery -

Imax Cinema -

5] Waterloo Bridge This was built in memory of the British Victory in the Battle of Waterloo.

6] Blackfriars Bridge It is a pair of Bridge here and some spare pillars.

Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s were already visible.

Continued in part II and part III.....


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