Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oxford II

Sheldonian Theatre, Broad Street

The ceremonial hall of the University, opened in 1609 and the first major building designed by Sir Christopher Wren. There are a series of busts outside the theatre facing the Broad St, with strange expressions, hair style and facial hair. To its right is the Clarendon Building, the former home of the Oxford University Press, and the current home to University administration.

Blackwell’s book shop – opp the Sheldonian Theatre, is the largest space dedicated to book sales in Europe. Another 9 specialty branches of this dedicated to Music, Art et al dot the city.

St Cross

Ashmolean Theatre

River Thames Walk

The walk is for my next visit. But this time, it was just the Willow Trees, Bridge Street, R.Thames and a short 10min walk along.

Narrow lane, high walls, green fence, and cobbled street. Loved walking down this lane.

University Church of St Mary, High Street

The church dates back to 1280 and contains the University College too.

Oxford University Press Bookshop, High Street is the official outlet for University souvenirs and gifts, selling T-shirts, tracks, sweaters, jackets and other paraphernalias. The University shop has outlets in every street and we saw tourists flocked in ever shop. To my disappoint it was impossible to get hold of an Oxford Tee here. The young gen crowd not only shopped for themselves, but also undressed and dressed amidst the crowd, without rendering necessity for a change/dressing room.

Covered Market at High St is said to be the oldest covered market in England. Small shops, unusual stuff, chocolate, cake shop, hat, fine butchers, florists, leather, glassware, cafes, you-name-it…

Info to help plan some other jaunt
- There is a YHA right at the centre of the city.

‘Dreaming Spires, Gothic splendor, picturesque architecture, inviting University Colleges, frivolous-flippant younger gen, modern lifestyle and vibrant life’ – is Oxford to my eyes.

Not far from Oxford, on the way to Stratford-up-Avon is Blenheim Palace. Huge Palace grounds, lots to see for a days visit. We drove towards Stratford skipping Blenheim Palace.

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Anonymous said...


I haven't seen many plays. I don't know whether I have taste to appreciate literature. At least from outside these theatres look like any other building to me. Probably I don't know their values. Dumb as usual.

But, a walk across the Willow Trees, Thames, with those Mallard ducks around is something I can feel. Also, a walk through the cobbled street! Must have been fantastic!

uff! wow! church dating back to 13th century! Beautiful spires! Oxford University Press...something I have seen only in the books. Luckie you as usual.

Visiting these posts is really refreshing, especially when you are up in the night called out and you don't make a heck out of what the customer is talking about; sitting mum and dump like a ullooo... worst the customer is a very important customer!

Hope you ppl will have goodie time in Jaipur. simplie enjoie maadie neevu...


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