Friday, August 22, 2008

London - Day2

I started my day at 7AM, with sufficient food and water supplies.

Buckingham PalaceIt was unlike the previous evening. Some joggers and a dozen tourists around. This reminded me of my morning jog and even walk to Mysore Palace.

Green Park

This is one of the Royal Parks of London. It lies between London's Hyde Park and St James Park. By contrast to the other royal parks, this does not have any lakes, fountains or statues, but just wooded meadows. The park is said to have originally been a swampy burial ground for Lepers from the nearby hospital at St James. The reason why it does not have flowering plants.

The Canada Gate, located on the south side of the park, the Buckingham Palace side.

Calm and serene….

Art for sale outside Green Park - I found dozens of artists unpacking and setting up shops. There were some notable pieces too.

Some times I just am careless. I crossed the road to explore Shepherd's Market and May Fair. Only to read the walking tour guide later and trace route back.

‘Shepherd Market was laid out by Edward Shepherd in early 1700s – it was the site of original May Fair. Please, do not venture this if you are taking the tour alone’, is what the guide said.

Apsley House – The Town House of Dukes of Wellington, with the best address in EnglandNo. 1, London.

Wellington Arch or Constitutional Arch or Marble Arch - This is a triumphal arch built to commemorate Britain's victories in the Napoleonic Wars.

Hyde Park – I enter through the horrid Queen Mother Memorial Gate, designed by Prince Michael of Kent, by common assent know as the worst gates in the capital.

Speaker’s Corner is worth a visit to listen and heckle. Although Sunday morning was the right time to head there, I could not miss it this time though.

Heading diagonally down, I walked down to the Serpentine – a lake created by the damming of the Westbourne river. Row boats, Ducks, Swans are common sight here – a favorite Victorian pastime.

The Serpentine - The Serpentine and the Long Water was created in 18th century from the Westbourne stream. A walk along the Serpentine, watching the well dressed riders parading with Horses was indeed a pleasure.

The Serpentine Bridge as seen from Hyde Park. Crossing the Serpentine by bridge, I decide to head towards Kensington Gardens.

The Long Water looking north-west from the Serpentine Bridge.

Kensington Gardens - Kensington Gardens began life as a King's playground but it was three royal women who created the elegant landscape wheich we see today. Kensington Gardens history here.

Peter Pan – The bronze statue of Peter Pan. is a gift by Sir James Barrie creator of Peter Pan. This charming piece features Peter Pan standing on a pedestal covered with creepers, squirrels, rabbits and mice. 

Italian Garden Fountains – Queen Victoria commissioned the Italian Gardens and the Albert Memorial.

It was a steady down pour, but, did not have any idea to stall my walk. All these clicks are by balancing my DSLR and Umbrella. J

The downpour makes the garden more dramatic.

Albert Memorial – the largest gilded statue in the world. This was commissioned by Queen Victoria in memory of her beloved husband, Prince Albert. The memorial is 176 feet tall, and has taken over ten years to complete, and cost £120,000. At the outer corners are 4 allegorical sculptures representing Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Albert Memorial’s ornate Gate

Opposite to it is the ‘The Royal Albert Hall’ – home to the Promenade concerts.

Queen’s Gate, Kensington Park - 

Walked along the Queen’s gate towards Kensington Palace.

The Round Pond, Kensington Gardens -

Kensington Palace – Home of Princess Margaret, and Princess Diana is said to have lived here until her death. Main attraction are the Victorian Rooms, Royal Ceremonial Dress collection, The State and Queen’s apartments and the Diana Fashion and Style exhibition.

The Orangery which was once a setting for lavish court entertainment is now a tranquil restaurant, facing the magical Sunken Garden.

Walked down towards Exhibition road, walking past the BBC Proms.

Continued here.....

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Mridula said...

Nice pictures, many of the areas I have not been to but as you said it would take 10 days to explore whereas I had just two!

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