Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 2 : continued....

Continued from Day 2

Royal College of Organists - 

Royal College of Music -

Imperial College of Science and Technology -

Entered the Exhibition road walking past the Kensington Tube Station, which exits right beside the Science Museum.

Science Museum – In spite of enjoying every aspect of this, I still wished I had visited this as a kid.

Natural History Museum - The Victorian's love for Science and Nature has been celebrated here. I am sure I would have enjoyed this more as a kid.

Volcano, Earthquake, Metal, Mineral, Gems, Mammals, Birds the list is exhaustive. The most crowded was the Dinosaurs section. An admirable collection and display.

Admirable architecture ...

The famous Giant Sequoia from California.

I loved this Marble Sculpture of Charles Darwin.

The cafe, which was a trendy place to hang out.

Victoria & Albert Museum – On entering, I were equipped with excellent floor map with description.

From Exhibition road.

From Cromwell road.

V&A is spread across seven levels. British Galleries, Ceramics, Glass, Ironwork, Jewellery, Metal ware, Musical Instruments, Paintings, Photography, Portrait, Miniatures, Prints, Sacred Silver and Stained Glass, Tapestry and Textile were among my favourites.

Some splendid design of furniture and interiors were captured.

Got to know Photography is prohibited ONLY in the Jewellery section after this first click. After wich I had to put-in my Nikon and pull-out my Scribble-Pad and pencil. This houses every gem, every metal, every design, every Jewellery, I had in mind. :-)

The John Madejski Garden and Garden Café inside the V&A Museum.

5:30 PM and I had to exit V&A Museum.

My legs were screaming for attention by now. The spring at the Café was of some use. But, I had done a lot from morning. 3 Museums and 3 Parks!

On exiting V&A, I found a bench at the opposite square and gobbled a few bits, before which a gang of people attending a Wedding gathered for a photo session here.

Just one block South of V&A is Harrods. Walked down toward Kensington. Kensington is to Harrods and Harvey Nicholas. Harrods and Harvey Nicholas are those which every Women, and in turn every Men are kept informed about. :-)

I spent hours searching for some AFFORDABLE memorabilia, and wondering how people were buying loads of stuff. All I could finally settle for was a Clutch for an Aunt who wanted to flaunt a Harrods Clutch for long.

And for myself,  I just planned to leave a message here.

It was 7PM by now and decided to trace route back. Back to Buckingham Palace via Green Park. My final stop was at Green Park since I had not spent time there that morning.

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