Monday, June 30, 2008

Quick update

My post on 2008 Travels plans has been blessed. Apart from those in the wish list, others have been answered too. :-)

I would be parking my Goa series for now (I know, I will need another 7 posts to cover the 4 day vacation). If work was relaxing, I could have covered them all, before the upcoming UK series.
Yeah........ a strong reason behind my SLR. :-)

Tons of snaps and pages of reading. Will get the series rolling soon.

A most recent one from Sunday evening - English Channel and Isle of Wight from Limington.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Chamundi Hills with D60

Further to my D60 inaugural post at Gud-Overhaul,...........
A set of JPEGs depicting my D60, shot using my Nikon P&S.

This morning, I had planned my D60 visit to Chamundi Hills. CM model..... ;-)
For those you'll who have not followed my previous post on Chamundi Hills......, some shots with D60.

This is still the beginning of my experimentation with D60. You'll get to see better ones soon.......

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