Sunday, June 08, 2008

Chamundi Hills with D60

Further to my D60 inaugural post at Gud-Overhaul,...........
A set of JPEGs depicting my D60, shot using my Nikon P&S.

This morning, I had planned my D60 visit to Chamundi Hills. CM model..... ;-)
For those you'll who have not followed my previous post on Chamundi Hills......, some shots with D60.

This is still the beginning of my experimentation with D60. You'll get to see better ones soon.......


Anonymous said...

Beautiful camera. Beautiful image of the gopura with beautiful cloud-laden blueeeee sky.

By the way, did you reduce the image size using Adobe PS? There is no EXIF data in the image. It shows the images to be 96 DPI.

I believe it is 10 megapixel camera and you should try shooting RAW (or atleast high-definition JPG). A long way to experiment and get accustomed to the new possession. Good luck.

Of course, you should do well having suggestions of world-class digiscopers like me ;o) haha...ROFLS

Lakshmi said...

nice pictures..will check with u when I buy the camera

Akhila S said...

Anytime.... :-)

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