Friday, February 15, 2013

Say Cheese....

I think I've started clicking more food pictures after I started spending time going through those amazing food blogs, in a quest to find authentic recipes and satiate our salivary glands! This is my another attempt to photograph food after the previous post 'Food Photography-1'.

It was one cold October evening in South Lake Tahoe and just after the first snow for the season - we walked around our hotel exploring the area and to buy some necessities for the trip. And this Cheese collection is what caught my attention. These were the first set of photos from my then new iPhone 5. The camera did a pretty neat job and ensured that I don't miss a lot of things when my DSLR is not around. And that was a sigh of relief! 

Friday, February 01, 2013

Food Photography - 1

I have never tried food photography, but always wonder in awe at all those delightful food bloggers who apart from sharing the recipe, share those awesome work of art - the dish and the photograph! Many times the dish which lands on my table is so interesting that, I pick-up my iPhone instead of the Cutlery. The Hubby is mostly okay as long as I am not clicking his plate and stopping him from using his Cutlery :)

 Swedish Berry Pancakes

Berry Pancakes

Aaaah, those loaded fresh berries! I like the American version, but that's because the Swedish version is thin like Crepes and tend to disappear sooner. Giving the chains a miss and discovering family owned restaurants always has rewarded us with awesome food.

At interesting art work in one of the Breakfast places.

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