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Jaipur - Day 2 contd.

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Every new city would interest the travel freak in me. The city, its people, local cuisine, architecture, monuments, museums, are somethings which I instantly start adoring. I become a part of all these during the short stay. But then at the end, our home is the sweetest.

As we exit the City Palace, we saw a vendor selling some fruits. It looked unseen and unknown. I instantly wanted to try them. We approached him and asked him what it was. He said, 'Paani Phal' (loosely translating to water fruit). He peeled and gave us some to taste. It tasted something in between Watermelon and Custard Apple. We bought quarter kilo before we walked towards Jantar Mantar, which is just diagonally opposite to the Palace. We bought a entry ticket to Jantar Mantar (there were plenty of guides, but we weren't interested) and settled down under a shady tree for the Pani Phal.

The scorching sun had drained us enough. The Pani Phal, a shady tree, leisure talk and some snacks. Not long and a team of students arrived, and you can guess how noisy and crowded the place suddenly turned.

We just walked around ever structure.

There was this temple below a tree - a lamp pole, a pathway and a Bench. One of my favorites. Such splendid it seemed.

All these huge geometric structures were interesting pieces. But, I wanted to give my brain some rest and just look at it aesthetically.

Our next destination, Amer fort as seen from Jantar Mantar.

And we walk through the exit. I have an instant gratification for blue. These structures are painted in pink and blue.

While we lazily walked down, I suddenly saw these coutless number of Pigeons near this well. Wow! I remember seeing such numbers only in DDLJ. I utterly love these human friendly creatures. And how badly I wanted to see them from DDLJ days. Buy the time I visited the Trafalgar Square at London (13yrs after DDLJ!), Ken Livingstone had already banned feeding Pigeon and I didn't even see one Pigeon at the square. Aaah, and now finally I did here at Jaipur.

Stood there for quite a while, i really didn't wanted to move on. You ought to ask friends who where there along to know how elated I was and how I reacted on seeing them.

And we walk down the Hawa Mahal road, to take a Bus to Amer Fort.

You are bound to see those colorful shawls, salwars, duppatas, bags, colorful umbrellas, Jaipur slippers, quilts, gems, stones and all bric-a-bac throughout the city.....

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Mridula said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful city.

Final_transit said...

Oh wow, Jaipur is beautiful indeed. I had never heard about Pani phal before!!

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