Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jaipur - Day 2 - Amber Fort

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This would be my last Jaipur post in the series.

This magnificent fort-palace is 11km North of Jaipur. We took a bus from Hawa Mahal to Amber Fort (pronounced 'Amer'). Its always fun traveling in those crowded public transports filled with locals with colorful attire. The bus quickly passed by Jal Mahal.

Jal Mahal is a Rajput style Palace on water, which sits at the centre of Mansagar lake. Since it was post monsoon the lake was flourished with water hyacinths. Its said to be build during 18th century for royal Duck shooting parties. Presently with 4 floors submerged under water and just one floor above, its abandoned but preserved. We were however not sure of the causeway which would lead to the palace.

Soon we were at Amber the ancient capital of Jaipur. Its a easy 20min climb uphill. You also can opt for Jeep or a even a Elephant ride for a quick ascent, but, at a hefty price if you are a tourist.

The afternoon sun was merciless. Adding to that the was the burning stoned pathway. Friends cursing, but, the travel freak in simply enjoyed this.

There were houses along, and families involved in making the quilts. And not sure if these were put out for display or for drying.

Finally the view of the fort.

The city as seen from Amber Fort.

The pond at the foot of the hill, as seen from a opening at the fort.

The palace enclosure on entering the fort.

Sheesh Mahal full of Mirrors. Absolutely stunning structure.

On one of the pillars of Sheesh Mahal.

Ganesh Pol which provided passage to inner and private royal enclosures.

The view from behind the palace. If you are observant you can spot a number of Peacocks and Peahens there. Waaaow...

The west side...

Some interesting looking locks adored the huge doors of the fortress.

The Modern Art gallery inside Amber Fort.

It was Sunset time, calm, cool and pleasant when we decided to descend.


Mridula said...

Brings up a lot of memories!

─░lhami Uyar said...

Thank you for sharing,I visited your blog plesuerly,best wishes and regards

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