Monday, September 27, 2010

Old Sacramento

Its been more than 2 months since I moved to this part of the world and quite a few weekends spent traveling. But work kept me so occupied, and finally now I get some blogging time. 

You enter and it looks like you are back in those days of steam trains and the gold rush days.This is the original Sacramento, dating back to the mid-19th century. Built mostly during the Gold Rush (yes, the California Gold Rush) era. 

 The beautifully restored town is filled with restaurants, shops, museums and cobbled lanes.

Adding to this is the Steam Trains and Horse driven carriages.

The candy stores set up in old style......The free candies and toffees offered makes the experience even more yummy.

The waterfront is dotted with public docks, excursion cruises and waterfront restaurants.

The absolutely enjoying aspect is the Riverfront walk trails.

Next....Reliving the Gold Rush era - California Gold Rush Day Celebrations.

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