Saturday, May 16, 2009

Taj Mahal

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All these days work did not allow me to complete the Delhi travel thread. Adding to that was the data loss of all the logs which I had stored on my ThinkPad. So, here I continue the Golden Triangle travel log.

I wouldn't write all the history. Everyone would know Shah Jahan and his love for Mumtaz. For more you could read here.

When my employer decided on sending me to Delhi, I surely wanted to tick-off Agra from my list. And when I told this to my Bro, he showed me the below pic and said, 'Next is your turn'.

Although I read a lot about opting the right entrance to enter Taj, I had to enter from the east entrance(this was least suggested) as the cycle-rickswaw chap wanted me to opt that. But, I was amazed. It was almost empty. And adding to that the 'ladies' queue was almost nil. The belongings were quickly deposited in the below reserved area and we entered. Its INR 20 for entrance and they don't change extra for your Cam.

It was red fortress walls all around and to me no white structure was visible. Some people were now visible.

This structure was a relief. But, still nothing was visible in any direction, at any distance. I was a feeling restless.

I walked down capturing all that appealed to me.

And all of a sudden this structure stood in front. It turned me speechless and numb.

I stood there just gazing. It was just this beautiful structure against the blue sky.

People clicked clicked and clicked, assuming they were creating a masterpiece. Unaware that the photograph would turn fantastic irrespective of the photographer or the equipment.

As I kept walking towards the structure, there was a flurry of thoughts which flew by.

And I did manage to get some shots of mine in front of that structure and specially on that Marble bench. :-)

The great gateway to the Taj Mahal, as seen from Taj.

Base, dome, and minaret

Taj Mahal mosque

Meeting hall - We weren't allowed here as it was decorated with scaffolding for a facelift.

Taj Mahal Mosque or Masjid

The Yamuna river which flow behind the Taj.

I would have loved to sit here for the sunset accompanied by a book. This was one calm and serene place which most tourists weren't interested in. But, I had to catch my train back to Delhi.

If ever I get a chance again, I would surely do Chapora and Agra with a intent to finish a book.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Harangi Dam and Kaveri Nisargadhama

The density of post over a period of time spells how occupied the Blogger is. This one is going to be less writing and more photos and a continuation from Bylakuppe Golden Temple.

Harangi Dam is 6kms from Kushalanagar. We were here looking out for a nice place for a splash, while the water levels left us disappointing.

So, the next stop was at Kaveri Nisargadhama, 7kms from Kushalanagara. A complete touristy place. The 64 acre island is accessible through a hanging bridge.

While the others enjoyed all the Hanging bridge, Rabbit and Deer Park, Tree house and the Elephant ride, I discovered all these things weren't of any interest to me. :-) We had to actually wait for our turn to get into the water!

But, this piece of innovative art did interest me.

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