Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Main Street

For a first time, I got to walk a main street was in Eastleigh, UK. And later during the trip, I went on to realize that every city has a street named 'Main Street' - which is also the most lively and colorful street in the city. 

During our recent trip to Crater Lake, we stayed in a small town call Klamath, and on a lazy Sunday evening having little to do (yes, I hate it when the entire city is shutdown!), we decided to walk down the main street. While the entire street was deserted, here are a few thing the artist in me loved.

An art piece made entirely of Cork!

A painting on a wall which reads - 'May 20, 1909 - The arrival of first Train to Klamath Falls'.

This one is from a parking lot. Yes, endless views of Coniferous Forest and Mountains is what the city offers; which would look magical after a Snow fall - And the animal looks like Mountain Lion to me.

P.S - Photos from my iPhone

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