Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wild Flowers - 1

I think this post would lead to a series of the kind. As the list of hikes never would cease and so the fascination for wild flowers.

I had this habit of collecting wild flowers, while I went trekking and hiking in India. I have been doing that from the age of eight! All the dried flowers would then go into the scrap book, with pages labeled with place-&-year. Being myself, I spend the week dreaming wild flowers and planning the scrap book........Only to learn later that, forget littering....even collecting flowers or feathers is prohibited in this country and would incur a hefty fine! So, the only solution was to click them.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Gold Rush Day

These photos are from the annual Gold Rush Days festival, held on Labor Day Weekend. The discovery of Gold in California triggered the Gold Rush, eventually triggering a series of uneventful happenings. In-spite, I was amazed at the spirit in which the Gold Rush Day is celebrated with so much pomp.
Gold rush day is that time time of the year where, the streets of Sacramento are covered with loads and loads of dirt. The normal traffic blocked and the shops shutdown. The already existing 18th century look of the old Sacramento is further made up to relive in those Gold rush days. 

The people dress up to blend with the city and relive in those days.

Actors in cowboy garb enact scenes from the Gold rush days. 

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