Friday, February 01, 2013

Food Photography - 1

I have never tried food photography, but always wonder in awe at all those delightful food bloggers who apart from sharing the recipe, share those awesome work of art - the dish and the photograph! Many times the dish which lands on my table is so interesting that, I pick-up my iPhone instead of the Cutlery. The Hubby is mostly okay as long as I am not clicking his plate and stopping him from using his Cutlery :)

 Swedish Berry Pancakes

Berry Pancakes

Aaaah, those loaded fresh berries! I like the American version, but that's because the Swedish version is thin like Crepes and tend to disappear sooner. Giving the chains a miss and discovering family owned restaurants always has rewarded us with awesome food.

At interesting art work in one of the Breakfast places.


anoop said...

lovely pancakes! ;)

Akhila S said...

Thanks Anoop.... and they were yummy too :)

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