Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oxford I

12 July 2008, Saturday

The university town of Oxford and Cambridge were in wish list for years now.

A good one hour drive from Eastleigh - we were in Oxford by 9:15 AM. Spotting the multi-storied car park was easier, as the map clearly indicated the route from motorway. The parking here is costlier than Bath, and its costliest during the weekends. It was a whooping 16GBP for 5minus hours.

Oxford is the oldest University City in England, situated in its own county of Oxfordshire. Located on river Thames (Thames in Oxford is known as ‘The Isis) and Cherwell.

Oxford is primarily a university town with numerous colleges, but there is no campus or a central university building as such. University consists of approx 30 colleges and the world-famous Bodleian Library.

Museum of Oxford

Christ Church College and Meadows

Many Colleges in Oxford is said to have featured in the Harry Potter movies, including Christ Church. Christ church meadows south of the college offers beautiful green space, and quiet corners to relax. A walk through the meadows is always a splendid idea.

The town was still quiet and serene.

Radcliffe Camera – Britain’s first circular library

Radcliffe Square is off High Street, and functions as a reading room for Oxford students and thus not accessible to tourists. But the grand exterior is well worth.

All Souls College, Radcliffe Square

Bodleian Library

Opened in 1602, this is the oldest library in Europe second only to London’s British Library. We were presented with a Bookmark here.A special exhibition celebrating 700 years of gifted library, ‘Beyond the work of one’ was set at the Bodleian Exhibition Room. This was indeed a blessing.

It goes so, ‘When colleges and college libraries were found in 13th century the books were copied by hand were very expensive. From 15th century, the printing increased. Former students presented the college the copies of their own works, collection of manuscripts, prints, music, drawings, memorabilia of life in college valued for their beauty, antiquity and association with poets, writers and composers’.

17th Century Old Schools Quadrangle

The main door from the Bodleian leads into 17th century Old Schools Quadrangle, built to extend the library’s original reading rooms, teaching and examination rooms. The doorways each bear the Latin names of their subject over them. Above the entrance to the Quad the striking ‘Tower of Five Orders’ incorporates each of the five styles of classical architecture.

Bridge of Sighs, The New College Lane

Built in 19th century, its named after ‘Ponte di Sospiri’ in Venice. This leads to the New College Lane.

All Souls College Lane

All Souls College

We are back on the High Street heading towards Magdalean Bridge over R.Cherwell.

Magdalen Bridge presents with breathtaking views of Magdalean Grove and Punting in River Cherwell.

Magdalean College School

Punting boats

Botanical Garden

Continued in Oxford II .....

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Anonymous said...

Good collection of photoes. Can see how amazing the experience must have been!

Visiting colleges that were centuries old...

Had heard that punting in Oxford and Cambridge would be a good experience. Did you go in the boat?

Christ Church meadows, wow! just beautiful. And cycles left unattended, a typical British setup, isn't it?

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