Friday, August 15, 2008

New Forest

Sunday 13 June 2008

Oxford and Stratford was the busiest circuit of all. The English Sun was up at 3:30AM, while I had a blissful sleep till 9:00, as I neither a Temple or Veggie Vendor on street to wake me up at 5:30 in the morning; nor my neighbors alarm piece - which is loud enough to wake up the entire street, and he who takes 15mins to switch it off!

A one hour peaceful English breakfast.

Apart from the undoable Scotland, Paris, Milan, Venice, Rome and Deutschland, I just had Cambridge, London and Isle of Wight in my list. London and Cambridge had an allocation, and IOW was risky.

So, walked down to the High Street....

I see the peaceful park which lent me a circuit for walking and reading all these days being fully occupied by colorful Tents. I continue walking, only to hear some music being played.

Jhilmil Sitaron Ka, Aangan Hoga, Rimjhim Barasta…….’

How nice to hear this in a English town. I happily occupied a bench and hummed…..

It was followed by, Rim jim ghire saawan….’

It turned out to be Eastleigh Mela that day, and was sponsored by ‘The Asian Community of UnitedKingdom’. Got to see lot many brown skinned and black haired people.

Although I drove through NewForest, had never experienced a walk, and were yearning for one. A New Forest walk sounded a splendid idea. Thinking the other regions of New Forest being busy, I decided upon NOMANSLAND!! Yeah, No-Man’s-Land :-)

And the photo essay says it all…

Bliss!! Can’t ask for anything more…..

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Anonymous said...

I knew that days are longer now and the soorappa would go home by 9 o 10PM. But, it never came to my mind that he would rise again as early as 3:30AM!

You are visiting all those places I had in my list :o)

Somebody had suggested me to visit NewForest. Nothing materialised as I didn't have my own transport.

Typical temperate forests, green with moss deposits and always wet. What an experience would it be to walk under the green canopy, stepping on the leaf litters making them moan as they wither under the foot! Sound of flowing water completes the imagination. It is perfectly therapeutic.

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