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28 June 2008, Saturday

From Bath we drive through Salisbury. The city wall surrounds the close and was built in the 14th century. There are five gates in the wall; four are original, known as the High Street Gate, St Ann's Gate, the Queen's Gate, and St Nicholas's Gate.

A line read so….

'The world famous Stonehenge prehistoric stone circle is about 8 miles northwest of Salisbury and greatly aids the local economy.'...... 8 GBP it really would aid.

Walking along the river Avon, with shopping centers, assorted shops, fine restaurants & pubs, and across the Bridge to hit the High Street, which would lead you to the Cathedral grounds.

The Gilbert of Salisbury

The cathedral was celebrating its 750yr this year, and could see the cathedral getting a face lift. Salisbury Cathedral is noted for having the highest spire of all cathedrals in England.

South West view with Scaffolding

West front

South West front

The Cathedral contains the world’s oldest working medieval clock, which dates back to 1386 AD. The clock has no face because all clocks of that date rang out the hours on a bell.

The ONE BILLION year old Lunar Disc is on display here.

But, getting in and out of Salisbury was a bit of whirl on the so-called 'ring road'!!

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Anonymous said...

"The city wall surrounds the close...", I assume you meant that a wall runs round the city.

Nice documentation through pictures. Liked that old time clock. But, what is that about 1 BILLION year old lunar disc? Should I believe that? What is that?

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