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21 June 2008 – Saturday - 6 AM
Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK

A quick glance through Wikitravel, I start to explore Eastleigh. This is the town in which I would spend my next few weeks. A beautiful, small town in the south of England between Winchester and Southampton. Its largely a dormitory town.

Straight from Wiki
The town had a long history associated with Railways, and home of Spitfire. A WWII fighter plane designed and flown from here.

This was the first English town, I were visiting. Jogged down towards the city centre at 6 in the morning. The main drive was to find a BT booth.

Spotted this on the walls of ‘The Point’ - Art and Cinema centre.

Walked down the park, to finally find a BT booth. But, it required a 40P coin, and how were I to have one?!! Disappointed walked down the High street, to find the Saturday Market. Btw, the town has 2 main streets High Street and Market Street.

Finally find the Tesco, where I shop for the need of 40 Pence, and make a call home. Only then did I feel better. Walk back exploring the city.

Loved this street for the Stone Spheres and the street light graphics.

Some Lavender flowers.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Ah! those days in Eastleigh. I never got to see the Saturday market. All three weekends we went out. Never explored Eastleigh enough, as days were shorter during my stay.

Keep posting with more and more images.

Akhila S said...

Yeah...The entire collection is available at my album,

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