Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A pre travel sneak-peek

Aaaaaaaaah……….grrrrrrrrrrrrr….. I couldn't get to enjoy the pre travel preps. Work was gruel some.

I managed to get the Visa application form right, only on the 3rd attempt.

Finally, managed a slot for Wed morning 9AM. UK embassy being closely situated to Commercial street was the only final chance to shop.

The embassy is located on Infantry road ; All I knew was Safina Plaza, Nikon Centre and ICICI Bank. This is further down the lane, sand witched between raddiwalla on one side and a Shaadi Mahal on the other. A under construction building, with just floor 1 complete.

I finally get a call, ‘IBM Akheeela’.

I am now supposed to cut the Visa size photo to UK embassy’s requirement, and I don’t have a pair of Scissors.

And now the Biometric interview.

“Right hand now.”
“Left hand now.”
“Both Thumbs together.”
“Both hands together.”

Photo round

“Look at a camera.”………… I smile too.
“Look at the camera without smiling”……………………..Haven’t come across anyone saying so.

Serious observation

Looks at photo in the Passport, Computer screen and my face for minute.
Concludes, all 3 are same.

Out at 9:30, I head towards Comm Street. Shops open only after 10! Wander around for sometime and then a great deal of shopping.

What helped ?

$ Being up-to-date with the shopping list. :-P

$ Places-to-see on a wish-list, if I ever landed in this part of the world. I had 1GB of data on disk as UK travel guide. I am an pretty organized animal. ;-)

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