Tuesday, July 01, 2008


20/6/08 – Friday – 6:30 AM
DXBDubai International Airport

I am walking in my sleep and am now at the security check. None around and I walk through. The alarm beeeeeeeeeeeps.

The personnel wakes up and tells, “Go back. pass the bag through X-ray”.
It still beeps……….. “Go back, remove and pass Shoes”.
It still beeps………... “Go back, pass Socks and Jacket”.
It still beeps…………"Go back, pass the Pen and Cellphone”.
It kept quiet this time.

Full of activity……………Glam and glitter.‘This surely is a place……………………Oooooomygod’. I did the right thing choosing BLR-DXB-LGW itinerary.

Terminal 19 is at the end. Three walkways away. I start walking to the other end………Automobiles, Electronics, Wine, Leather, Clothes and finally the precious YELLOW METAL. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooow!!

Officer at the terminal – “First time travel Madam?”
Me – “Yes Sir”.
Officer – “Which place… Do you have an Insurance?”
I answer and get in.

The fact that economy class passengers are invited after first and business class, I am still seated thinking of the yellow metal downstairs.

A voice says, “Madam, Strollers for you”.

I put an bemused look on my face and a wide smile the next second. He finally utters a 'sorry' and walks away(with the stroller).

‘This chap is surely my colleague’s brother’.…..only to recall the incident in my previous post.

Finally my turn to board the flight. The Emirates Air hostess dress in a splendid looking head-gear, which goes well with mini, skirt or trouser.

Its all Brits here, unlike the BLR-DXB. I settle down in my seat.

The fellow Brit questions, “Where is the flight going to?”
Me – Gatwick, London, and smile.
Fellow Brit – “Just ensuring this is not to Karachi, and smiles.

Don’t really know if this was sarcasm or a pun intended.

The guy beside me is busy playing video game. DEFG is suffocating with E being your position.
The plane that was peaceful all this while suddenly turns noisy. I turn around only to see an INDIAN FAMILY. Smile, plug my ears and settle down.

Movie time

I watch Elizabeth for Shekhar Kapur and Aaja Nachale – Not for Maduri Dixit but Kunal Kapoor. ;-)

I am enjoying the movie and someone calls me from behind, “You understand Hindi?”.
Me – Smile and nod.
Guy – “You know her name?”.
Me – "Yeah, Maduri Dixit".
Guy – Maduri is Black and blue dress, ooooooh amazing”.
Guy – “You are Indian?”
Me – "Yes" (I neither have a lighter skin tone nor have coloured hair, I ought to look like Indian)
Guy – “We too”.
Me – “I know”, and smile.

We introduce ourselves. They turned out to be a Harpreet-Jaipreet Papa-Puttar-ki-jodi and Jaspreet(jassi)-Renu ma-beti-ki-jodi. The pakka Punjabi family, active, talkative and noisy like in our Bollywood movies.

Lucky they have a Window seat. I am hesitant to ask.........

I am the only one to have opted for Asian-Vegetarian meal in the flight, and its been served an hour late.

While they are happily enjoying their ChickenTikka, I am blessed with the window-seat. Within a few mins the plane is over Zurich. Waaaaaaaaaaooooooooow. Alps. Breathtaking…..

My Nikon is in my bag and everyone are eating. What more can anyone ask for. :-(

10mins delay and Gatwick, London. We exchange a final round of ‘Happy Vacations’ and 'Byes', and part.

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