Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hursley Day

50 Years of Hursley Labs
Saturday 5th July 2008

I was here at the right time. A splendid day filled with activities. A collection of appreciable events.


Needless to explain, the photo says it all.

Spitfire aerobic display

Exhibition has everything form Clock, Scales & Coffee Mill which IBM once manufactured, to CRT, Diskettes to technologies its flown.

Choir in front of Hursley House.

Evening Concert and Fireworks – 10PM

The evening turned windy and was accompanied with a lovely sprinkle.

Blessed was my visit!


Anonymous said...

Hey, hold on... right person at the right place at the right time? hmmm... feeling jealous of you.

When you said falconry, I thought you visited Hawk Conservancy. Now I realise that the conservancy itself flew down to Hursley. You can not be luckier.

And spitfire! Although I am not an aircraft or war-history buff, the name "spitfire" itself appealed to me and hearing the history of spitfire (from a buff) makes it something special to me. And see who is there enjoieing all these! I can not be more envious ;o)

God, it is not fair on your part (lol)

(Waiting to see more posts-n-pix and preparing myself to be more jealous)

goodie day,

Srik said...

Why did you even try photographing the spitfire with a 18-55.
Even if you did photograph, why did you ever post it ???

Akhila S said...

I have at least 10 posts lined up. :-)

@ Srik
Now, look at the comment...... Next time, I'll borrow a 500mm lens. ;-)

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