Tuesday, July 01, 2008


19 June 2008 – Thursday
Bangalore International Airport.

It takes 90mins from HAL to BIAL. I am joined by Uncle & family…. Find a scale and weigh my suitcase. It displays a magnificent 35kg….. :-D

It ought to. With 4 of us packing it from 5days!! Time to head back to the cars and unpack. An hour of turmoil, and is now within Emirates limits.

I see people crying, howling, fainting whilst they bid goodbye to their loved ones. I asked people around me, if they would cry. I get a “No”. I call up friends and ask if they would, I get a “No”…….

Boarding pass in hand; Family on the other side of window pane make a final phone call. A final “Take care, Bye”.

In front of Emigration officer

“Which company do you work for?”
“Where is the invite?”
“Which IBM do you work for? Address please.”
“How many IBMs are there in Bangalore?”
“What happened to Airport Road IBM?”

I answer all the questions, in the same serious tone in which it were put across.

Finally the officer says with a smile,Mysore is a nice place. Happy Journey, Bye’.

I am confused, ‘Am I going to Mysore?!?!’.

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