Wednesday, July 02, 2008


23 June 2008 – Monday
, Hampshire, UK

My first visit to the IBM Lab at Hursley. And a series of snaps, from my afternoon and evening walks.

Entrance to IBM

Hursley House
The history dates back to 12th Century. The present structure however belong to the Heathcotes.

William Heathcote a wealthy merchant who bought the estate for £35,100 in 1718.

Inside the Hursley house



Sunken Garden

Evening Walk

Crops beside Hursley House
Wow! The Lilac patch was feast to the eye.

Hursley house, west face

Club House

The complete set can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

Liked the wide-angle image of the "Hursley House" very much. Also the "Sunken Garden". I remember visiting this place with Mark Dyche once, and many a times alone and with friends. The field which is lavender in colour now was dry grassland when I was there.

Over all, quite nostalgic :-( Nice place to visit.

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