Thursday, May 26, 2011

Natural Bridges State Park, Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz is all about winding roads, foggy red wood forest, brooks, lakes, chirping birds, pristine nature, beaches, beaches and beaches. In short its a great place to escape from bay-area.

Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz, a California State Park. The park features a 'bridge' like rock formation and hence the name. For the hubby, 'the State Park is a over hyped placed with hardly anything to see, and are sources of revenue generation for the State'.

This is one of the few remaining arches, after the remaining two being washed into the sea.

Beach House?? ....Any day

Santa Cruz has some alluring factors. The beach, the roads, the people (read non tourists) and the sun. 

The Promenade .........

A day at the beach

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Prashanth said...

Beautiful photos... Last but one is my pick of the set...

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