Friday, June 03, 2011

why travel?

Some times I start questioning myself. "Why Travel?", and then I suddenly wake-up only to realize its a dream! I see those people in pity, who ask me these questions.....

'Why all the pain, risk, cost?'
'Why not sit at home with big bowl of home made soup?'
'Why not lay on bed and watch, watch and just watch Television, and enjoy sleeping in your own bed with clean sheets?'

But, where would you get time for yourself and a chance to reflect? Learn new aspects of countries and cultures and of-course start thinking about your next trip. There was a phase where I kept away from such people and absolutely detested their thought process. But, after years, I have started to respect (if not accept) their reasons.

This reminds me of my Cambridge trip. One which I had dreamt of from School days and planned for years now. The harsh winter and bad weather forecast hadn't allowed me to finalize upon the travel date. But with every weekend rolling by, I was only getting closure to my departure dates. I couldn't have gone home without ticking off this from my list, as I had already given up on my Scotland road trip. On a Friday evening I get the Hi bookings, and the next morning I am up by 3AM, cooking and packing food, to suffice for the next 3 days. Camera and a few other musts enter my backpack and I land at the Train station dressed like an Eskimo (its harsh snowy weather in London borough) by 5:15ish - only to learn that the entire Train n/w has been shutdown! I wait there praying for some onward train to run, as I am anyway not returning the same day. I realize nothing would change and start back home from the frozen and deserted station. I am at home by 6:30ish totally disheartened and cursing the NationalRail. The only ray of hope were the Trains as the roads are frozen. I learn that, Train network would come alive the very next day. The next morning, I am up by 4 and at the Station by 5ish to catch the 5:30 AM Train. The next 3hours roll by quickly and I finally am at Cambridge.... And the the next days, were simply spent with me, myself and my backpack. A trip to remember as my last solo trip before marriage.

Whats on my mind now?
US Road Trip - The most popular means(or should I say only?) and a fulfilling activity here, in this public transport devoid country.

Pic from our recent SFO - Mexico Road Trip.

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