Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Afternoon Siesta - II

During my initial months in California, I was super excited about getting a chance to see Seals. There was even this instance where I made the Hubby drive miles and then walk a couple, only to catch a glimpse of Elephant Seals, which were visiting the West coast of US for their breeding season. But soon, the Seals became such a common occurrence all along the coast, that I have outgrown the fascination.These pics were when I got to see them for the first time ever.

Bacchanalian? The sign board was confusing, not sure as to who they are addressing.

This one was huge, slimy, awkward and was enjoying its afternoon siesta on the scaffolds of the bridge, and it reminded me of our ex-PM from Karnataka. And I have named it after him too :)

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