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The first foreign city you experience attracts you for a life time. Its always that first city you remember, recall, quote, compare and talk about while the journey continues. While it was London in UK, it was Sac in US.
The last set of photos clicked during our last few day in Sac.

California State Capitol

Living in the state capital, was a unforgettable experience. Unlike other capital cities which is well known and touristy, Sacramento is non-touristy. The capitol turned into a hot spot after people gathered only to get a glimpse of the then governor Arnold Schwarzenegger!

The Ziggurat - Head Quarters of California Dept of Services. On the banks of river Sacramento, this charming structure adds to the beauty of the city.

The Tower Bridge -  yes, this bridge raises/opens-up for the river traffic. But, how can there be another Tower Bridge?!  But, the promenade presents a scintillating experience for a evening walk.

The Crocker Art Museum

A river meandering through the city surely adds to it character and charm.

PS - All photos from iPhone.

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Mridula said...

Lovely clicks Akhila.

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