Monday, May 09, 2011

Stanford Walking Tour - I

 Stanford tour was on my mind for long and kept getting put-off as the Hoover Tower is closed most part of the year. Back in UK when I visited Oxford and Cambridge, it was vacation time. The student led tours are suspended and also I had never got a chance to go up the tower to have a look at the University camps both times, and this time I wanted to go up the Hoover Tower and also experience the student led tour. But, travel goddess had different plans and we moved from the capital city to the Bay Area where our new place turned out to be just 12 mins away from Stanford!

Student led tour - There is always something about the student led tour -The great introduction to the highlights of Stanford's beautiful campus and more importantly the skill of walking backward and talking for an hour!

The Main Quad

Stanford Memorial Church

Hoover Tower 


White Plaza

Old Stanford Union

From School of Education to Science and Engineering Quad

From the top of Hoover Tower

 Its so enticing that very visitor, friend, relative who visits us are taken around Stanford. The vicinity, ample public parking, 8000 acres of roaming area, meager tourist population, the lush green garden, university building, ample cycling area, the maverick student population, birds, flowers, museums.......the list goes on. Adding to this, is the hubby who has accumulated a potpourri of  information from Google and our first student led tour and is a perfect guide now. What more?

But, its a must to check the calendar for open seasons.

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