Sunday, May 15, 2011

Afternoon Siesta - I

While the mother Duck quietly enjoy its afternoon siesta, the Ducklings are all over her. This goes on for hours from noon to evening. The little ones are jumping, playing, climbing and swimming throughout. Hyperactive ducklings!


Mridula said...

Kids will be kids!

Akhila S said...

@Mridula - completely agree. I very well remember I did the same as a kid.

Mridula said...

Why do I see new posts in my RRS feed but they are not appearing on the blog. I saw birds from California in my feed but where has the post gone?

Akhila S said...

@Mridula - After publishing that post, by blog turned blank except for the title. I initially thought it was some problem with Blogger, but later figured it was something to do with html tags in my latest post, so had to recall it. Fixed it this morning :)

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