Monday, December 20, 2010

Go Greek....

On this cold December evening we wanted to go out for a walk. December came with temperature in single digit and the sun calling it a day at Five in the evening! The hubby's all time favorite place is the downtown. Down-towns being area full of activity and non monotonous like the freeways, are perfect for visits anytime of the day. Walking down random streets, in no time we were walking down in the restaurant street or the culinary corridor, I should say. As we walked down, this Greek place was the most enticing of all.

The choice of Veggie food was 15% of  menu card (most times its b/w 0 and 10!). Elated, we settled in for the, 'Mediterranean Pikilia' - A Vegetarian platter.

There it came - tyropita, spanakopita, vegetable souvlaki, dolmades, feta cheese and Greek Olives, Rice Pilaf, tzatziki sauce and pita bread. We loved the food, specially the Greek Olives and the delicious Dolmades aka stuffed vegetables in grape vine leaves. The rest being heavy on Cheese was a real feast too. It ended as, a meal to remember.


Mridula said...

All those letters, reminds me of the few days that I spent in Athens long time ago.

Akhila S said...

@Mridula - Yeah, most of them are just so hard to read :) Wow! I don't remember reading your Athens travelogue...lemme look-up.

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