Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A typical day in UK

Every-time I stepped out, even to check the mail box or to bid a quick 'bye', I had to greedily grab the woolens and furs, without which I would have turned into a Snow-woman. But, this was after years of yearning to live in a snowing country. I felt how much lucky we are in India, and how much the glorious sunlight was taken for granted. It gets dark by 4p.m and the lack of sunlight so much saps out the energy in you. For someone like me, who would want thermals even for a UK summer, the severe winter was unexplainable. Fellow Indians braving the cold to make the most of the magical destination was a common sight. The shops are closed at 5! Only a few shops open in the mall (i am thinking they are open extra hours, wanting to meet targets before year ending) all play the song, 'Let it Snow, Let it Snow' continuously, as if the Snow outside is not enough!

The funny phenomenon - The year 2009, southern England in general witnessed the highest snowfall in the last 2 decades. Being from the tropics I always were praying for a Snow experience - read Snow fall. But, it came in as an Ocean of Snow! People responded to initial occurrences without much preparation. But, later on even when there was a hint of bad weather, everyone in the city/community rushed to the food store to stock up on milk, bread, fruit, veggies etc. It is a funny phenomena! There were days, where we saw stores with empty racks. People had cleaned the shelves. But soon, we too started living life like that of a Chipmunk, which stores food for the worst weather. Looking up for Yahoo and BBC weather, rushing to Tesco/Sainbury's and pushing home cart loads of food was a regular ordeal, as driving in those conditions was next to impossible.

I am craving for those sunny days again....

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Mridula said...

I feel cold just by looking at the pictures!

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