Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Travel plans

          2010 was a  'hopping year'. An eventful year with UK, India and US travels. Packing bags (read relocation) was always with mixed feelings - The anticipation of new, the nostalgia, those last days in the town which has been you home for sometime, the present, past and future. The packing, unpacking, repacking, throwing-away-stuff, praying the travel goddess to make your baggage weigh less, and not to mention the resolution to live light and travel light.

2010 gave some biggest misses as well - Hawaii and Scotland! Grrrr.... Visa goddess was unhappy for the first and the Weather god for the second. While the 2010 stories and photos are still awaiting to be published, the 2011 has began with grand travel plans. Wishing everyone a joyous, travel filled 2011.

The Lone Cypress Tree, Pebble Beach, CA

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Mridula said...

May all, the travel gos smile on you in 2011.

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