Thursday, November 18, 2010

The first Snow

When I drew the curtains off my third-floor room window, it was a just another day for me. Morning ablutions, cooking and packing lunch, getting ready to work and rushing yo see my Client on time was all that was running in my head. Somewhere, at the back I was secretly wishing that my friend/apartment-mate was already up and gotten busy in the Kitchen. The opaque window screen needed some more effort and I pushed it aside to see if the UK Sun was already up, or if I was blessed with few more hours of sleep. And........... I see a sea of white.......... I rubbed my eyes and tried recalling where I had slept the previous night?! Southern England and a Sea of Snow in November?!? Unbelievable. While I still kept my eyes and mouth wide open, my friend shouted in excitement saying, "See outside, see outside the window".

And the next second, I laid hands on the camera (not warm clothes!) and we scrambled out of our rooms towards the Balcony. The view far and wide was just beautiful.The Door required some initial effort, due to the accumulation of the Snow. And there it was the first snow, fresh and clean, soft and fluffy and in loads! We were thrown back to our senses soon, as we were not only in thin layers but also bare limbs.

We spent the next hour playing in the Snow and clicking numerous photos. When a sleet and shower, blessed us with a work-from-home-day, a heavy-snow obviously kept us at home. We completed equipped our self and got down to the ground floor. The Snow was boundless. It was like they had transported extra loads to our Apartment ground for us to play. Polar Bear, Penguin, Snow Man, Snow Castles and what-nots where created in enthusiasm. And, when we actually realized that we hadn't even brushed our teeth it was noon!

The rest of the work-from-home-day was blessed with Onion Pakoras, Carrot Halwa, BBB (it also has a wiki page!) and washed with loads of hot coffee and chitter-chatter. And now I write this enjoying the California rainy day and recalling the previous November. The only think common is, its a work-from-home-day this day too.

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Mridula said...

What a beauty!

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