Sunday, April 19, 2015

A food photo a day - Day 18

Somehow I totally missed a post yesterday, thinking I have already posted! I was thinking of Breakfast options namely American, Continental and English

I don't remember to have clicked a photo of my Breakfast plate while I visited UK for work. The first time I went, Cellphone with Cameras were not around, so not sure if I have anything in my DSLR. But, I did eat English Breakfast for weeks, since I was put up in a Hotel.

This is the American Breakfast, sans Orange Juice and Coffee. Looks like I had already gulped down the Juice and Coffee was on the way. I didn't remember the location, but google images helped me. These white plates with a blue line are from Ihop. So there it goes....

ButterMilk Pancakes, Whole Wheat Toast, French Fries and Garden Omelette

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