Saturday, July 04, 2009

London walking Tours & wish list

While I went through my photo and blog archive, I remembered what I had missed. After compiling all UK posts, I still had this pending.

When its places like Winchester, Bath, Stratford-up-Avon, Portsmouth and many others, its easy to customize your walking tour on the fly or even driver around. But, a place like London would require some planning.

People largely look out for detailed walk map,s and using a paid walking tour is still a rarity. The preference is to cover the places of interest at their own pace. Having 'my' time to walk, watch, visit, hallucinate, photograph, eat, rest and people-watch is what was important to me.

After searching for weeks, I finally landed up at this. The is one such place which had walking tour maps with detailed explanation.

WALK ONE - Bridges of London walk

I did all these plus a couple of Bridges, as detailed here.

I did a combination of the below 2 walks on day 1 and day 2.

Apart from these I had the map page from the Telephone directory which the Hotel gave me. Of all the maps the one in the Telephone Directory is the best to refer.

I still have these on my wish list. Am sure will tick this away on my next visit.

London wish list :

# National gallery
# The British museum
# Greenwich
# West End - Oxford street, Regent street, Bond street and Covent Garden
# Hampstead, Marylebone(on a Sunday) and Richmond
# The main stream entertainment hub - Leicester Square and Knights bridge for Harvey Nicolas and Harrods (I didn't buy a thing for me last time).

That is all I have. :-)

Crib : Its already half year down and I haven't even traveled half of what I had the previous year by this time. With three golden opportunities flushed deep down the drain ...........

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