Monday, July 13, 2009

Defining Love

Falling in love
to me can be only with Automobiles, gadgets or with Art and Architecture; And in some cases with a piece of accessory or outfit with the mannequin.

But, there are these other kind too. What fun would they find in displaying it on the monuments?
Why do they want to make it looking eternal? Do they visit these monuments only with intentions to create graffiti?

Bamboos at Kaveri Nisargadhama

Temple wall at Lepakshi

Bench at Taj Mahal

Cousins, Friends and Family, whoever have been with me on various occasions, while I curiously focused on these, put a strange expression on their face and at time questioned me for showing interest to photograph these.


Mridula said...

I exactly understand what you are saying.

Final_Transit said...

Hi Akhila,
Nice to find your blog too! Graffiti are quite a nuisance, probably because people do not feel ownership of the place... This carelessness or lack of concern is also probably a cause for people littering the street!

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