Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Jaipur - Day 1

After Delhi Post and Agra Post its Jaipur.

A Volvo ticket to Jaipur was bought the previous night for INR 550. I was searching for a Rickshaw at 5 AM in the morning. After 10mins the Delhi cops asked me, if I was waiting for a Rickshaw. While I nodded affirmatively, they said - "Oh, you should have told us no, we thought you are a Call Center employee, waiting for Cab". Gosh!

Bikaner House, next to India Gate is the hub for RSRTC. The bus however was late by 30mins only to start at 6:15. It was just half full and there was nothing like ticket inspection.

It had to reach Jaipur at 11:30 but reached at 1:00 PM. Jaipur at 1 PM was unimaginably hot. The YHAI Jaipur was however a 10 mins drive from the Bus Stand. But, within that I was surrounded by trouts, Auto and Taxiwallas and other people who would just want to walk beside you staring from top to bottom. Aaaaah Grrrrrrrrrr.....

My friends had reach Jaipur YHAI from Agra earlier than me. A leisure Lunch, refresh and we decide to explore the city.

Birla House/Planetarium was a 15min walk down from YHAI, Jaipur. The sun was no better at 3:30 in the afternoon. We initially decided to attend a show, but later felt we had outgrown the fascination and were hardly interested in any. However the building looked interesting and not to mention the Goose Berry tree in the premises. A leisure visit to the old Cafe, and then we decide to explore the pink city.

Cycle Rickshaw is the most convenient mode of transport. Eco-friendly, easy to traverse through that narrow roads, its fun and they don't quote high price like those Auto fellows.

The old pink-city of Jaipur is an enclosed structure. But, Jaipur has however grown beyond limits. Inside the city limits its a norm that all buildings are to be painted pink even to this day.

Wiki says so :

Jaipur is often called the Pink City in reference to its distinctly colored buildings, which were originally painted this color to imitate the red sandstone architecture of Mughal cities. The present earthy red color originates from repainting of the buildings undertaken for a visit by the Prince of Wales in 1876.

Walking along the Bazaar is a treat to the eye. Shopped for every conceivable Bric-a-bracs. The pocket was however lighter by end of that day and our check-in baggages heavier.

The next day we had lots in mind......

I never thought Hawa Mahal was sandwitched between shops in a busy messy road. But, before we searched for Hawa Mahal it stood there right in front of us. We couldn’t get better clicks. The street was busy and the Sun merciless. And it was Breakfast time. While one went in search of a eatery for Breakfast, we waited there in front of Hawa Mahal.

Hawa Mahal - The Palace of Breeze

This is as old as 1799, an enclosure for royal ladies to witness everyday life in the street below, concealing themselves. It has over 950 windows!

The fella who owned this shop wanted us to get some clicks. And when advertisement turned from request to force, I decided to pull out my SLR. And that was the end. He retracted back. Seeing this photo I now feel I should have got a snap there.

Btw, that is a old box type camera (on the left) required to be covered by a Black cloth. And to the right is the Black Screen and a Iron Stool for the subject.

5mins away from the Hawa Mahal is City Palace and Jantar Manthar.

As we enter the City Palace limits ....

Continued at Jaipur - Day 2

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Mridula said...

I went there in November last year and loved the city palace. Lovely pictures Akhila.

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