Tuesday, January 02, 2007


The first 45 min, of the 3 hour rail route from Mysore to Bangalore is something which should be experienced.
Srirangapatanam....16km from Mysore [enroute SH17]

History and Tippu apart...
I always waited for those minutes, when the train crossed the bridge, over River Cauvery. It should be felt standing by the door of your Bogie, minus the warnings received at home. [ not to stand there. ;-)]

Calculate the velocity of the train...

Sugarcane and Paddy fields
Approx. 75 kmph
Slower now as its approaching the bridge.
The fort and part of the temple can be seen.
This temple of Sri Ranganatha, the largest in Karnataka. His consorts, Sridevi and Bhudevi, are replaced by Godess Kaveri, at the feet of the lord.

Its still Winter and the River is thin.
If you have watched Dhoom II, the previous day, your adrenalin would push you to, exhibit some dare devilary [heard from a fellow passenger ;-)]


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