Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Shivanasamudra owns the credit for hosting the first hydroelectric project in India. Kaveri splits into two branches, then onto a valley, cascading down rocky cliffs at Gaganachukki and Bharachukki and re-unites downstream. These waterfalls are surrounded by the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary.

Shivanasamudra can be approached either via Bangalore – Mysore highway. A left turn at Maddur and few kms drive via Malavalli, you hit NH209, continue driving until you hit Shivanasamudra on your left. Gaganachukkia and Barachukki are a 15 min drive apart.


The Gaganachukki which is 98 m tall,houses Asia's first hydro-electric power stations.It was here, where hydroelectric power was harnessed for the second time(after Darjeeling) in Asia and the electricity thus produced was used in the Gold Mines of Kolar. Thus, Kolar Gold Fields became the first city in Asia to get hydro electricity. The Gaganachukki itself has 2 facades, the western facade and the eastern facade. Thus, One can view these waterfalls from the Hydro Power viewing end and the Dargah end.


The Bharachukki is about a kilometer away from the Dargah. and has a wider cascading edge. Fewer visitors are kept informed and equipped - thus a thinner crowd. A flight of 100 and odd steps down the rocky ravine, takes you to the base. Scintillating view indeed.

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