Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Chamundi Betta

Chamundi Hills, is much more for a Mysorean, than, that can be explained in words. :-)
It was almost 4 weeks, since, I has been there the last time. I had missed it, quite a bit.

So, stated climbing, much before dawn. ( Steps being much prefered, to the road)

You hit the asphalted road on climbing 650 steps.

The sun seemed to be lazier than me.
700 Steps.
Colossal figure of Nandi. 16 feet tall, monolithic figure.

History : This was carved n 1659, at the instance of Devaraja Wodeyar.

Three hundred and odd to go...
It was vacation time and was pretty crowded. The temple was yet to be opened. A walk till the gigantic statue of Mahishasura.


The sun had finally rose.

This temple built atop the hills, 3489 ft above sea level, enshrines Goddess Chamundeshwari.

This hill can be seen from any part of Mysore.

Backdrop, you can have a 270 degree, view of the city from here. An enchanting spectacle!

And not to mention, amazing place for discussion. ;-)

A view from atop the hills, you can spot the Mysore palace, Exhibition arch, Lalith Mahal Palace and the Race Course.

It was time for an early bite, s0 started receding. A view from the foot of Chamundi Hills.

Last but not the least, my all time favorite Bonsai Garden at the foot of the Hills, which houses 1500 Plus, Bonsai’s.

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