Monday, January 19, 2009

On the banks of River Yamuna ...

Far unable to place in any day’s itinerary, we decided to visit Raj Ghat early the next morning for our morning walk. When I knocked at the door the next morning she was in deep slumber, the previous evening’s Rajpath circuit was evident from her state. In spite of this, in next ten minutes we were heading towards Raj Ghat.

The travel time was relatively less due to thin morning traffic. It was a foggy morning, when we reached there. The place was huge than I expected it to be. It was tough to decide upon the to and fro traverse route, until we hit a map displayed. After which we quickly shortlisted upon the must visits.

Mahatma Gandhi - Raj Ghat

On depositing your footwear you are handed over a leaflet with sayings of Mahatma Gandhi. On traversing the archway you enter the main arena.

The place is really clean and well maintained. In a few minutes we saw loads of tourist. Most of them would never miss a visit to Raj Ghat. The more pious circumambulate and offer Flowers; And others even offer a few drops of tears. Although I find this a little strange, but its their belief and luv..

This is a huge arena which even has a lake inside, clean green place, fresh air what more. This was definitely unlike Delhi.

Rajiv Gandhi – Veer Bhumi

I just wanted to get a few nice shots, and look at the design. There were just two of us then. A guard entered from nowhere. He advised me to remove the footwear and circumambulate and offer prayers. To which I nodded in agreement. Sonia (Gandhi) and family would anyway do that, but was still not sure why he was targeting me. In the next few minutes, I saw him telling this to all visitors. Again its one person’s belief, and cannot be enforced.

The Lake was dotted with birds, adding to that was the morning sun, a nice sight.

Indira Gandhi - Shakti Sthal

The guard in the background walked towards us, and educated us about Shakti Sthal. He also told us not to miss Shanti Van, which is further down. He told us to remove footwear and take the walk path if interested to offer prayer. I appreciate his way, since he was not enforcing.

Not sure how many Delhites visit this place for their morning, evening walk?

Jawaharlal Nehru – Shanti Van

Our list was exhausted and we planned to trace back an alternative route. While a day’s job still awaited us, we bumped into 2 army men. And the conversation follows…

Army Men: Bangalore ki ho?

(I know, I look a South Indian, but its nice that South Indians are now associated with Bengaluru and not Chennai anymore)

Me: haaa...

Army Men: Software Engineers ho?

Me: Nooo. Why do you think thatz the only profession in Bangalore?

( I don’t reveal my identity as a Software Engineer. As people have tons of conceptions and misconceptions about Software Engineers.)

Army Men: haaa… But, we have heard a lot about Bangalore and Software.

So, then you are media professionals. Looking at your camera we can make out.

(They were happy and confident. And my Nikon D60 misled them).

Me: No, Students.

Army Men: Good…..(with all smiles). Look at our girls here. They hardly come to such places. These are must visit places, and they are not at all interested in these. Their way of dressing, interest and taste is pathetic. And I should appreciate you girls to have come all the way from Bangalore to visit Delhi.


Sonia Pampattiwar said...

awesome...beautiful memories…thanks a lot….just love ur blog

Akhila S said...

Thanks Sonia :-)

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