Tuesday, January 13, 2009

India Gate

I had earlier decided to meet a friend at around 6:30 that evening at the India Gate. My Social Textbook at School, especially Civics always had the picture of India Gate and Parliament House, and here was the first glimpse.

The atmosphere was lively this evening.

India Gate

This 42m war memorial arch stands at the eastern end of Rajpath. It bears the names of 85,000 Indian Army Soldiers who died in WWI, NE Frontier operations. Housed under it is The Amar Jawan Jyoti.

Met my friend amidst the crowd, after a quick photo session, we decided to walk down the Rajpath towards Rashtrapathi Bhavan or at least till some point where the police or Army would stop us. While with the Army and Air-wing, I always had dreamt walking this at the R-Day Parade. But, today I was here, walking down as a Software Engineer. :-)

We turned back, the road had comparatively started getting deserted, but our spirits were still soaring high. We could happily walk in the center of the road, talking and clicking snaps, and no one ever restricted.

The path was dotted with security officials, but walking or photography was not prohibited. Family and friends had told, ‘Delhi not a safe place’, but we girls didn’t find it so.

Rashtrapati Bhavan

An interesting structure with blend of Mughal and Western architecture.

No one would even stop or restrict you even if you stand in front of the Gate. But, you are definitely observed. It was only two of us here, except for a lone tourist Ambassador which took a turn here, and decided to head back, thinking this was too much for a non functional Prez.

Secretariat Buildings

on either side of Rajpath now house the ministries of finance and external affairs.

The Parliment House stood hidden and virtually unnoticed.

It was Karwa Chauth that day and families had already gathered. A South Indian ought to know this festival if he/she is known to follow Bollywood movies. The Moon was visible, and women were ending their day long fast, but with Panipuri. This seemed unusual.

Drive back to Friend’s Colony and a sumptuous Dilli dinner and called it a day.

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