Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Water Sports @ GOA

Water Sports was a very important itinerary of the vacation.

at Colva - On the first day of the vacation - where signs of restlessness of the previous night journey, PLUS no breakfast, PLUS no time to bath & brush, kept us less energetic.

While we landed at Colva, we decided neither to venture into the Sea, nor opt for any of the Water Sports. But, then within minutes we had put on our life-jackets!!

The speed boat, Parasail and sturdy rope of 300mts not to mention the life jacket............And the next few seconds, we were high-up in the sky.

The bird's eye view of the coastline, the vast Sea, the lofty Western Ghats, mild Sun, clear Sky, turquoise blue Sea and light breeze, and one is freely suspended!! It made me spellbound & thoughtless for the next few hours.

Its surely adventures, and as affordable as 250/-

Jet Skiing at Calangute
- 'I think, you suffer from Hydrophobia', is what they said, when I were tagged by the Lifeguard/instructor as 'The-only-one-less-enjoyed-skiing'. The Jet powered water scooter had a VERY powerful engine, and so the accelerator.

Within seconds the waves were above me, and as soon as I held the accelerator, the scooter gained much velocity, adding to that the high waves splashing against my face.

I was afraid, I'll end-up discovering a new piece of land. :-)

Adrenalin rush!! - I was shouting, wanting to reach shore soon, and pay him 100/- irrespective.

Banana Ride at Baga - We thought it would be a happy go bumpy ride on a bloated Banana, and we wouldn't even require a life-jacket.

It was a whole
of Kannadigas here and thus got a good bargain. So, it was again a Speed Boat, A sturdy rope and a bloated Banana. We had 2 instructors/lifeguards, whom we thought were never required. The speed boat had a navigator and a young couple enjoying their vacation.

It was nearing evening, 100+ mtrs away, into the sea the Banana turns upside down. And we are all into the Sea. Water all around...within seconds eyes and lungs were filled with salt water. Couldn't even shout for help....

Being sure I would get drowned, everything from family, near-n-dear-ones, LIC policies, Coffin to Condolence-card made a quick allocation in my mind. :-)

We were instructed to keep legs straight and hands-straight-up. Aaaah.... my sense organs were still working and I were alive. And courtesy life-jacket, our heads were above the water surface in the next few seconds.

I quickly took a count of all heads, like a School teacher at Picnic with her Pupils. The count was complete, none were missing. The Speed boat floated the Banana towards us, and we clinged onto it.

Now we were to climb onto it back, much more challenging, as it kept wobbling. Finally we did, courtesy life-jacket and life-guard. We thanked the instructors for saving lives. Within minutes, he shouted 'get ready for another dip'. We utterly enjoyed this time around.

And the 3rd/last dip was near to the shore, and we were brave enough, by now.

Btw, all this while the couple in the Speed Boat were enjoying our misery.

Each of us had gifted the sea a piece of Jewelery (non gold), but then, we were alive and it was entirely soul satisfying!! Hugs and pats....

The entire evening went discussing the ride, while we aptly spotted this at the YHAI reception. :-)

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