Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Goan Temples

An SMS woke me up as early as 5:30 in the morning. I pulled out my Cellphone, curious to know the sender. It said, 'Airtel welcomes you to Maharashtra & Goa. Call or SMS to 121 for ANY assistance'. Overwhelmed, to have crossed the border, tied-back the curtain to peep out of the Window pane.

Red tiled roof, Maroon painted walls, Deep green coloured gates, looked perfect. After a while a sea-green house. Ooooooooopph..... Then a Lemon Yellow coloured.... Copper Sulphate Blue, See blue, looked peculiar.

But, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent Green, fluorescent Purple and pink & fluorescent orange, did strain my eye. :-)

Its not only that Goan people and houses that are colourful, but Temples too.

1. Mangueshi Temple, Mangueshi

2. Shantha Durga Temple, Kavlem

3. Mahalasa Temple, Mardol
4. Temple at Miramar Beach

5. Nava Durga Temple, Borim

6. Temple at Baga Beach


Anonymous said...

Liked the Shantha Durga Temple and the colour of the temple at Baga beach.

Wanderer said...

Good Post. The temples of any local area give a very good reflection of the tastes (asthetics)of the locals.

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