Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mysore with Barry

It was yet another weekend, but with a difference.

Somanathapura by Srihari:

Srihari, Girish, Chandu and Barry, were in Mysore at 11:30 MST (Mysore Standard Time). When, Srihari tried reaching me, I was just 2 km away, i.e. from the foot of Chamundi Hills, while he expected the distance to be expressed relative to the foot of Nandi Hills!
I am sure, they would have thought twice before logging onto my set of wheels.

We started...
The first question that popped out was, 'whether that was my first attempt, to drive up the Hill?'; they ensured it was not. Chandu especially was a bit more worried and cautious :-)

It was time for Barry, to explain me, his Somanathpur experience, 'the round white Indian bread'- Idli, he had for Breakfast and 'the Indian god - half human, half elephant'- Ganesha.
I did get compliments for, initiating non-stop conversations; which was as they had expected, and, as they had enlightened Barry earlier.
I saw, a sigh of relief on Chandu's and Girish's face, when they got to know, we had reached the pinnacle. Managed to drive till the Temple, although Girish, was less on our side, and more favorable towards the guard.
Soon, it was time for us to debate on the cars in the parking lot, and predict whether it had been parked there by a female or male. By, this time Barry had already experienced walking barefoot, on the hot stone lays and side walks, at Somanathpur.

Yet, another time.....
Not, only the stone-lays, but even the asphalted roads were unbearable, with some witty comments to add. :-) It was a pretty crowded day at the Temple. We took about 45 mins to exit, and less than 4 seconds, to run towards the Car. Soon it was time for Girish to change banks, yet again.
SreeHorry was already in a semi-conscious, soporific state by this time, for all the cold he had gathered the previous day and the sleepless nights he was going through ;-) . A few clicks near, 'Mahishasura', and time for descend; with Chandu a less worried this time. :-)

Diversion towards Nandi:
We were at Nandi, post a pit-stop at the scenic point, from where the entire Mysore city was visible, with myself and Chandu, boosting Barry and Girish's imagination, on how splendid the city would look, lit-up during night. Sight, not to be missed!
We were back and peeped into the car, and saw Srihari was no more with us; I mean, he was snoring! Before, I shifted gears; we were at 'Nandi'. Time for a few snaps again, and down we were at the foot. Chandu and Girish logged off our Car, to find a safe parking for theirs, and SreeHorry, who was waiting for this opportunity, went on a quick horizontal sleep. Blessed!

Lunch Time
It was time for us to debate on, when, where and what, have's. Barry was happy, we had finally decided!

We did enjoy the food; Although, I was in a state of ambivalence, about the place, as it was suggested by Chandu. ;-) Chandu, who was their old, regular customer, received extra importance form the management there. Time to relax, talk, debate and discuss, while the ambrosia took all extra time to reach us. Our gastric juices and taste buds were finally blessed.
'Cinema hall v/s Multiplex' was the topic our way back, as the area housed some well know Cinema halls of the city. On our way back to the parking lot, Barry managed to buy a flute each for his Nephew, Niece and his Secretary :-)

What next?
'Mysore Palace', was our obvious choice. Holiday season, the area was crowded, parking place unavailable, and the roads were choking. Ahaaa, it was there to test my driving skills. Everyone got a chance to comment, contort and enjoy, adding to that, I miscalculated a 1st gear U-turn to a 2nd, due to which I had to turn on the ignition a few times. Finally, managed to maneuver thorough the traffic and it was time for some applause. :-)

We were there with our tickets. But, Barry was blessed this time around. Although he had to leave his footgear, he was to traverse inside the palace.

Culture, Heritage, Wodeyars, the pre 1897 wooden palace, the post 1897 palace which stands to this day, administration, Glass paintings, Teak and Rose wood carvings, Ivory inlay work of the doors, Frescos and Murals, Oil-paintings which were full of life, The Ivory, Silver and Sandal wood caskets, not to mention the 'Mysore Dasara', the richness, pomp and vigor....

Our debate on whether the stone structure was a Leopard, Jaguar, Cheetah, Lioness, Tiger, Mouse, Dog, Elephant, is still open. We met a friendly cop, who tried explaining us the 3D effect of the saree in the oil painting, using his indifferent n smattering gibberish.

It was those huge dressing mirrors which caught my attention, and in no time Barry and Srihari had known. There were tens of them we came across later, and neither of them missed the opportunity, they had utilized it! There were a few idols, gifted to the Wodeyars, which had description in French, which Barry managed to read it out for us. While we had Kites, Parrot, Peacock and Eagles engraved n carved, we had 'SreeHorry the Bird-Watcher', for our rescue.

All of us were totally engrossed, in the splendid structure that made us spell bound. It was closing time already, and a few quick shots, until we were chased out.

The famous one being, Barry with 'Use Me', and not to mention Mysore Palace. ;-)

We also managed to get hold of a Digicam illiterate, and, managed a 'click' for us. :-)

St.Philomena's Church
It was time for us to turn taciturn. Barry introduced us to the funct, the design and architecture of the church, a comparative study with those back home, Spire and the most interesting of all the Catacombs.

BTW, "Girish, did some one knock back from behind the walls, at the Catacomb?”

Chequered flag
We were at
Karanji Lake in no time, with Chandu, being a beacon, all the way back. I had thus safely dropped all the 4 prized souls around the cockpit, near Srihari's SIX wheeler. We bumped into an overtly 'cautious’ and 'concerned' guard here; and It was time they took SH17 and me MG road back home, post an allocution round. ;-)

On the way back, it was Barry's turn to sleep, although a horizontal one wouldn't have been achieved. ;-)

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Chandu said...

Reading this blog refreshed my memory (which is very bad) and gave me the pleasure of re-visiting mysore in 5 mins!!.

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