Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mission Peak, Fremont, CA

There is this iPhone app All Trails - which is the reason behind compulsory weekend hiking. Apart from listing all the places to go hiking around you, it provides with an array of details like number of trails/loops, distance, GPS tracking, offline topo maps, camping/biking options, a couple of photos, amazing description for each trail and reviews!

I was perplexed when I learnt that there were enough of trails within 50miles, that would last for a few years, even if all weekend were hiking weekends. What more?
Saturday is the much awaited day of the week and all you need is the camera, hiking shoes, water and some emergency supply of energy bars.

Place: Mission Peak, Fremont, CA
Trail length: 6.5 miles
Elevation: 2100 ft

It was interesting to see people of all age and experience levels, trying to hike to the peak.

This trial was pet friendly. So, the doggies and horses can hike too!

A view of the Bay Area from the peak.


Mridula said...

Beautiful vistas all around!

Anonymous said...

interesting and nice photos

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