Thursday, March 13, 2008

Much awaited....

Much planned - well can anyone guess that its been in plan and discussion for the past 8yrs!! Remember the 'Last Benchers' jotting a plot at college - well it was much much before FarhanAkhtar's "Dil Chahta Hai" protagonists planned their GOA vacation ....

We were 5 in number - First/Second benchers.... I fought with my Chemistry HOD, and decided to occupy the last bench during the Chemistry hour. Started loving it... It so happened that, each of us happened to fight with one lecturer, and ended occupying the last bench for that particular hour. This is what was known as, Non Co-operation movement.

It was mid 2nd semester while we decided to permanently occupy the last bench. The result - our performance and standing in the class improved. We got plenty of time for our CAT prep, and not to mention, to plot our GOA vacation.

Well, finally time to turn our dream trip to reality. With people moving in-&-out of Continent, status changes... et all, we decided not to push it any further. We initially thought, it would be next-to-impossible to get the necessary permissions and approvals at home. But, it turned out be be utter simple. Well its my presence that would matter! ;-)

A friend of mine who happened to be there last summer, gave me some crooked plan. Eat, drink, roam, booze, hangover, Mambo's, Tito, casino, cruise and beach!! Well absolute CRAP!!

Hope all you pals are listening....

There is much more to Goa; Much more for a team of Teetotallers and Veggies to explore..... People around, wouldn't matter, until your plans are concrete, and you know your way, to live life!

'lo, nee heLedha haaghe noDhedre, you know there is a Red-light area in Hampi, at the heart of the city, as was during KrishnaDevaraya rule, as is today. This wouldn't deter a tourist from visiting Hampi. We even landed there, casually exploring... It was a 2km walk, after which there was an, Archaeological survey of India board which spelled out as 'courtesan lane'. Who would have ever know that, this place is restored and functioning fullfledge to date, where the rest is 'HaaLu Hampi'!! We found the place heavily populated! There were more tourists here, than any our place at Hampi. And then it hit us.... that, it was still the 'calling lane'.

Well need to be more wary next time!!

14th to 18th - GOA - Await a few posts flowing...
BTW, its Max -
32°C & Min - 24°C, today. I am sure its going to be livelier than Bangalore.

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